Introduction to Extensor

Extensor was founded by Alistair Schofield in 2003 following a highly successful career in senior management roles in both the IT and life insurance industries. He created Extensor in the belief that most organisations can achieve step-changes in performance if they unleash the true potential of their employees. And for their part, most employees can achieve much more when they overcome their self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Extensor specialises in what we call "Organisational Enablement", a term that includes elements of leadership, employee engagement, customer service excellence and organisational alignment. This is not 'training' in the conventional sense, as it is not about teaching, but rather about facilitating and inspiring changes in performance.

We then follow up with delegates to ensure that good ideas and good intentions are translated into practical application in the business. These one-to-one meetings are often an essential component in ensuring that the programme's objectives are achieved.

Extensor Facilitators

All Extensor's Programme Facilitators are people who have personal experience of working in senior roles in large organisations. This is important as if a programme is going to be successful in inspiring change, the delegates need to respect the programme leaders as people who have been there and done it themselves.

This senior-level experience is also essential as the achievement of the programme goals frequently requires the Facilitators to have a good understanding of the client's organisation, its high-level strategy and the market it is operating in.