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Nov 16 Good Service is Good Business   Why is it that so many companies seem to have departments of people who are ostensibly employed to provide 'customer service', but who seem to succeed in winding me up!  

Nov 16 Soundbite: Prioritise   Everyone says you should 'prioritise', but how? Gill offers a simple set of rules that she uses to hep decide which things to focus on and what to discard, delay or delegate.  

Nov 16 Helpful Ideas: Harmony vd Diversity   Crispin considers the challenge teams have in balancing the sometimes conflicting requirements of a harmonious team and the diversity needed for completeness.  

Nov 16 Improving the Return on Training Investment   Alistair Schofield argues that a large proportion of the money spent on training programmes is wasted, but that the return on investment in training can be dramatically improved by adopting a different approach.  

Jun 15 Is the ‘modern company’ new?   All too often in business there is a tendency to think that the 'new ways' are best. Yet the experience of the last 20 years would suggest that there is much to be learned from history. The wisest leaders therefore temper their enthusiasm for new ideas and change with a healthy dose of cynicism and a glance to see what history tells them.  

Jun 15 Rant: Apologies for my bad language   Unfortunately, our last newsletter didn't reach everyone who it was sent to as a result of our use of a perfectly legitimate word that caused it to be blocked by many security and spam filters.  

Jun 15 Soundbite: Whose standards are they anyway?   Gill suggests that a lot of the stress people experience comes from the pressures we impose upon ourselves.  

Jun 15 Helpful Ideas: Rules vs Common Sense   Crispin looks at how rules-based management and top-down thinking can cause employees to make decisions that are not in the best interests of the organisation.  

Apr 15 Helpful Ideas: Attributes of a Truly Great Place t   Research demonstrates that engaged employees are at the heart of the most successful organisations, but that only a minority of employees are fully engaged.  

Apr 15 Rant: Don't be a Tosser   Did you know that more than a billion pounds a year of your taxes is spent on cleaning up the litter 'tossers' throw out of their car windows? These anti-social idiots need to be stopped!  

Apr 15 Questions and Answers   The asking of perceptive and searching questions is the first of two of the most important skills of management, the second is interpreting answers. In this article, Alistair Schofield uses examples to illustrate how the skill of questioning is sometimes misapplied, and to show how answers are not always what they appear to be  

Apr 15 Soundbite: Choose Your Attitude   Gill points out that between stimulus and response we all have choices.  

Feb 15 Soundbite: Are you an over-thinker?   Thinking things through is obviously necessary part of dealing with challenges, opportunities over problems, but as Gill points out, over-thinking can cause issues to snowball.  

Feb 15 Helpful Ideas: How Failure Breeds Success   Crispin points out that failure is a necessary part of success, but that the temptation in oprganisational life, especially in the UK, is often to be overly critical of failure.  

Feb 15 Rant: It's time to invest in something useful   More than 30,000 onshore wind turbines have now been erected in the UK, ranging from massive installations to small roof-top devices. And despite the industry receiving billions of pounds in subsidies from UK taxpayers, it still only contributes minuscule amounts of power to the grid. Enough is enough - now is the time to divert the investment into something useful.  

Feb 15 When Wrong is Right and Right is Wrong   From our earliest school days we are conditioned to expect that when we are asked a question, the possibilities open to us are that we will either get the answer right or wrong. But this expectation is invariably based on past experience. Einstein famously once said, The challenges of today will not be solved by the same level of thinking that created them. Innovation and change therefore requires us to be open to be more open-minded, to instead see them as expected and unexpected, or conventional and unconventional.  

Nov 14 Helpful idea: Getting emotional with customers   Crispin considers the link between emotions and memory, particularly as it relates to both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.  

Nov 14 Soundbite: Working Smarter   When the pressure is on and there is more work than anyone could reasonable fit into the time available, managers have a tendency to come up with unhelpful phrases such as “we don’t need to work harder, we jet need to work smarter”. But what does this actually mean in practice?  

Nov 14 Work-Life Balance: What can you do for others?   It is not uncommon for people spend so much time thinking and worrying about their own work-life balance that they overlook the impact their own behaviours might have on the work-life balance of other people.  

Nov 14 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: A customer service   Most large businesses seem to proclaim great customer service as one of their core objectives, but relatively few seem to achieve it. Alistair Schofield considers the reasons why using a personal experience as an example  

Apr 14 Three Leadership Fundamentals   When Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones asked people in organisations which skills they would most like to develop, all provided the same answer: Help us to become more effective leaders.  

Apr 14 Helpful Ideas: Being Happy is Hard Work   Why happiness is such an elusive goal for many people is rarely explained. Often the focus is on wealth of material circumstances, but as this interesting article explains, the evidence from psychological research would suggest we may be looking in the wrong place.  

Apr 14 Soundbite: Life Lessons to My Older Self   Inspired by a recent article, Rosie suggests using the lessons we have learned when we were younger to improve the chances of achieving our really important life goals.  

Apr 14 Work-Life Balance: Self-knowledge is the starting    The concept of work-life balance is uniquely human, but knowing this is of little benefit unless you are able to correct a situation that can drive to the edge. In this excellent article Nick provides some helpful ideas to help you identify the symptoms and take actions to redress the problem.  

Feb 14 Work-Life Balance: Working to your natural rhythm   Whether your organisation refers to it as brainstorming, white-boarding or even thought-showering, the concept is well-known to most of us. But unfortunately, many such meetings fail to deliver much of value. In this useful article, Crispin lays some ground-rules that will make your sessions more effective.  

Feb 14 Helpful Ideas: Brainstorming properly   Whether your organisation refers to it as brainstorming, white-boarding or even thought-showering, the concept is well-known to most of us. But unfortunately, many such meetings fail to deliver much of value. In this useful article, Crispin lays some ground-rules that will make your sessions more effective.  

Feb 14 Soundbite: Go on – take the first step   Gill discovers that wanting to do something and actually doing it can be two different things - but that with the right approach and support, anything is possible!  

Feb 14 What comes first, action or strategy?   The textbooks would have us believe that strategies are conceived at the top and cascaded downwards. But organisations don’t stop, activity is carrying on all the time that can affect and influence the strategy. Alistair Schofield therefore asks the question; what comes first, action or strategy?  

Dec 13 Rant: Power and Politics    In the last few months politicians have discovered new 'whipping boys' - the energy companies. But is it really their fault that energy prices are rising, or should the politicians accept at least some of the blame themselves?  

Dec 13 Work-Life Balance: Balancing your short- and long-   All the time management courses and books say that you should prioritise your "big hairy audacious goals", but this is easier said than done. Nick therefore provides a suggestion that you might like to think about over the Christmas break.  

Dec 13 Soundbite: Increasing Engagement to Deliver Big Go   It should come as no surprise to find that people are more likely to perform well and achieve their goals if the achievement of those goals is fun and exciting. So what can you do to make your goals and those of your team fun and exciting? Rosie offers some suggestions.  

Nov 13 Why?   It is the simplest of all questions and a question which can often 'cut to the quick' and challenge conventional thinking, yet it is also a question that is rarely asked in corporate boardrooms - the question is 'why?'  

Nov 13 Soundbite: Jump off the Hamster wheel   With the pressure to work all hours having been increased by smartphones, laptops and other technologies, Gill considers ways in which people can re-balance their lives and find time for their personal priorities.  

Nov 13 Work-Life Balance: Balancing the real, virtual and   During the last few years home working has become a viable alternative to 'going to the office' for many people. Nick considers the subject and introduces some fascinating (if not a little weird) technologies designed to make remote working easier.  

Nov 13 Helpful Ideas: Emotional Intelligence   Theories on management and leadership tend to come and go, but Daniel Goleman's concept of Emotional Intelligence seems to have endured better than most.  

Oct 13 A short history of money and its implications for    With the UK government continuing to pump billions of pounds into the economy, a question frequently asked is whether this is a good or a bad thing? After all, if there is no down-side to simply printing money, then what has all the fuss been about over debt levels and the credit crunch?  

Oct 13 Soundbite: Delegation   When you are busy and stressed people often say that you should delegate more, but as Rosie points out, this is often easier said than done.  

Oct 13 Work-Life Balance: It's all in the mind   Nick points out that the satisfaction a person derives from their work generally says more about them than it does about the job they do. Job-satisfaction is therefore a state of mind that we can all at least influence, even if we can't completely control it.  

Oct 13 Helpful Ideas: Generation F   Crispin quotes the thoughts of the influential business thinker Gary Hamel on the rise of the "Facebook Generation". The point being that if organisations are to engage the best and most creative talent, they may well need to rethink their traditional methods of operation.  

Jun 13 Rules of Life   One of the things that successful people appear to have in common is a strong set of values, rules or guiding principles. So the question is; are these derived as a result of their success, or are they in some way the source of their success?  

Jun 13 Helpful Ideas: Can You Forward This?   Crispin summarises an item that first appeared in the Harvard Business Review regarding efficiency in email communication.  

Jun 13 Soundbite: Our True Values   Gill suggests that June would be a great time to reflect on your own personal values.  

Jun 13 Work-Life Balance: Don't rush what should be taken   A boating holiday provides the inspiration for this month's column. For those old enough to remember "Watch With Mother" - it's "Tales of the River Bank" meets "Wall Street"!  

May 13 Helpful Ideas: Does your afternoon need perking up   Do you sometimes hit that low-energy spot in the early afternoon - that time when you find yourself yawning and paying attention becomes difficult? If so, help is at hand.  

May 13 Absenteeism   Research suggests that UK organisations perform particularly badly on absenteeism and that it is costing the economy around £32bn in lost productivity. In response, Government policy is to target resources at 'back to work' services and restrictions on long-term sickness benefits - but is this the best approach or would we be better to target resources elsewhere?  

May 13 Work-Life Balance: Let it go Louis   A healthy work-life balance is just as much about how we do things as it about what we do. In this article, Nick uses frogs and Americanisms to make the point!  

May 13 Soundbite: Have You Done a Strengths Audit Recentl   Rosie recommends conducting a DIY 360 to help you focus on the things you do well and those that you could be doing better.  

Mar 13 Taxing the Economy to Death   Benjamin Franklin famously once said that "The only things certain in life are death and taxes". But inevitability should not breed complacency and in the current economic climate it is important that taxation policy is directed at aiding the economic recovery as well as funding government and the public sector.  

Mar 13 Helpful Ideas: Riding Out the Storm   In a world where the average life-span of a company is growing shorter and shorter, and where the tenure of a CEO is growing shorter still, Crispin considers the attributes of leaders who succeed in delivering results in difficult times.  

Mar 13 Soundbite: Simple Pleasures   Mothering Sunday reminds Gill that the best things in life really are free  

Mar 13 Work-Life Balance: Special Days   Dress-down days became popular as a means of making one day a week, or one day a month special. So if 'special' days are useful, why not have other themes?  

Feb 13 The Equality Dilemma   It is difficult to disagree with people who argue in favor of equality, which is probably why it is a subject that many politicians love. But is equality really the principle we should be fighting for? Or would it be better to target principles that acknowledge differences and embrace them in the pursuit of a higher ideal?  

Feb 13 Helpful Ideas: Loving What You Do   Crispin looks at the evolution of working practices from the early 19th Century and considers how concepts such as 'shareware', where people develop software for free, are challenging our assumptions about motivation at work.  

Feb 13 Soundbite: Happiness, Success or Both!   People often assume that 'success' will bring them happiness, yet, as Rosie points out, the research suggests that the causal relationship is very often the other way round.  

Feb 13 Work-Life Balance: Music While You Work   Although a musical background is commonplace in some work environments it is rare in offices. However Nick has come across research that suggests that, when used appropriately, music can increase productivity, reduce stress and even improve a person's work-life balance!  

Dec 12 Leaders v Leadership   Almost before the ink was dry on the four volumes of the Leveson Report into the British press politicians of all persuasions have been rusing to the microphones to espouse their own views on what should happen next. But wouldn't good leaders take time to reflect before rushing to conclusions? After all, the enquiry lasted more than 100 days, do we really need to make decisions within days of the report being published?  

Dec 12 Helpful Ideas: Keep it Simple   Buzzwords can be fun, but words that do not have dictionary definitions or that are used in an unconventional way can also lead to confusion. Crisping provides some amusing examples as well as some helpful advice from no lesser person than Winston Churchill.  

Dec 12 Soundbite: How to Survive Christmas   Christmas is always portrayed as being such a perfect time of the year, filled with fun, frivolity and quality time with friends and family. But for those trying to make it perfect, it can also be stressful. Gill offers advice on how to reduce the stress so that you can enjoy it too.  

Dec 12 Work-Life Balance: Reversing the Trend   Research suggests that British managers are more stressed, working longer hours and feeling less satisfied. The Christmas break therefore provides an ideal opportunity to reappraise the situation and consider making changes.  

Nov 12 Another Victim of Mob Rule?   When things go wrong it is right and proper that the people at the top should bear responsibility, but that does not always mean that they should resign. More to the point, since George Entwistle had only been Director General for 54 days, have the baying mob got the right person? Or have they just forced out someone who could have been instrumental in solving many of the Corporations problems?  

Nov 12 Soundbite: Driving Higher Performance   Rosie explains how to improve your performance by being your own boss.  

Nov 12 Helpful Ideas: Learning From The Best   Crispin looks at the annual Hay Group survey of the best companies for leadership to see what we can learn.  

Nov 12 Work-Life Balance: Teams and Morale   Nick explains how effective teamwork can not only lead to higher performance, it can also result in better morale and improvements in peoples' perception of their work-life balance.  

Oct 12 Work-Life Balance: The Flexibility Trend   Believe it or not, the trend to better working conditions and an improved work-life balance has been improving for decades, even if it doesn't feel like it at times. But as Nick points out, employers still may have some way to go.  

Oct 12 Helpful Ideas: The Ultimate Question   In the world of marketing, few claims are more grandiose than that of Fred Reichheld who claims that his 'ultimate question' can uncover remarkable information about organisations. But as Crispin points out, it's not just the metrics that matter.  

Oct 12 Soundbite: Sense of Belonging   We all belong to groups; but rarely do we think about all the groups we belong to, what we get out of them and what we give back.  

Oct 12 The Leadership Lessons of 'Plebgate'   MP Andrew Mitchell may or may not have called the at the police officers protecting the entrance to Downing Street plebs, but regardless of what he said, the changing story of what happened when he lost his temper has undermined his leadership credentials.  

Sep 12 Work-Life Balance: Returning to Work - A New Persp   Not only can a holiday enable you to relax and recharge your batteries, it can also provide a new perspective on your work. Nick explains how.  

Sep 12 Helpful Ideas: Look for the lessons - even when yo   Following the article on how Ducati failed to learn from their success, Crispin makes suggestions on how you can avoid falling into the same trap.  

Sep 12 Business Beyond the Pyramid   Alistair Schofield considers the implications for the management hierarchy in a world where the supervision of labour is no longer the primary objective.  

Sep 12 Soundbite: Engaging People in Tough Times   Ensuring that your employees are happy and engaged is relatively easy in the good times when business is booming and pay rises are possible, but how do you ensure your employees are satisfied when times are tough? Rosie offers 5 suggestions.  

Jul 12 Soundbite: Enjoy the Present   Gill considers how we live our lives thinking about the past and planning for the future, but that we often forget to enjoy life in the preset.  

Jul 12 Helpful Ideas: Why Leaders Don’t Learn from Succes   Following an article in the Harvard Business Review, Crispin uses the story of the Ducati motorcycle team to illustrate the way in which success can blind us to the need to learn and develop.  

Jul 12 Work-Life Balance: Going For Gold   In helping people be the best they can be, Nick finds inspiration in the coaching given to the top tennis players competing at Wimbledon.  

Jul 12 Lessons from Libor: Sometimes even the truth can h   It started as the Libor fixing scandal at Barclays, but within days it has spread to RBS, Deutsche Bank the Bank of England and Whitehall. As the scandal spreads, it raises the question as to who else will be implicated and whether we will be better off or worse off for knowing?  

Jun 12 Helpful Ideas: A practical plan for when you feel    There is a common misconception that busy people are more efficient, but as Crispin points out, while they may be busy, they are not necessarily as effective as people who have less on their plate at any one time.  

Jun 12 Soundbite: How leaders can facilitate growth   There is a saying; ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’, but in leadership the best results are often achieved by stepping back, taking time to plan and allowing others to get involved.  

Jun 12 Work-Life Balance: It's all a question of control   Nick offers some simple questions to help people analyse their own work-life balance, but points out that a healthy balance has less to do with what you do and more to do with your ability to choose.  

Jun 12 Death by email   With more than 290 billion e-mails being sent each and every day, it is hardly surprising that many people are beginning to feel completely overloaded by the sheer quantity of emails they receive. Alistair Schofield suggests a number of strategies to leave you in control.  

May 12 Soundbite: Mission I'm Possible   Gill looks at the different interpretations people can have of the same situation.  

May 12 Work-Life Balance: Listening   Professional coaching or counselling can be extremely expensive, but Nick points out that a large part of what they do can be provided free of charge by people you already know.  

May 12 Helpful Ideas: Performance reviews - It's not just   Crispin provides some helpful tips for anyone who has to deliver performance appraisals for members of their team.  

Apr 12 Work-Life Balance: Leaving work behind   Nick Woodeson offers some suggestions to help us 'switch off'.  

Apr 12 Leadership, Management and the Brain   Sir Martin Sorrell, the CEO of advertising giant WPP, once said: "I can't remember which is which, whether it's left brain or right brain: but one is quantitative and one is qualitative and getting the balance between the two is critically important." Alistair Schofield considers the question of whether organisations need to take a more balanced approach.  

Apr 12 Helpful Ideas: Where to get ideas   Crispin wonders what companies are doing to foster innovation and questions whether, in some cases, the way we organise business actually has the opposite effect.  

Apr 12 Soundbite: Happiness is Good for the Bottom Line   Rosie considers the role that emotions can play in a healthy working environment.  

Feb 12 Work-Life Balance: Getting the balance right - hom   With homeworking becoming increasingly common, Nick looks at the advantages and disadvantages and offers some suggestions as to how to maintain an appropriate work-life balance when the boundaries between home and work are blurred.  

Feb 12 Executive Pay - Problem or Symptom?   Despite the ferocity of the debate that ensued following the announcement on a near £1m bonus being awarded to Stephen Hester, the CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland, we still do not appear to be any closer to a conclusion. All that can be said is that there appears to be a consensus that some people are paid 'too much', but what that means in practices and what the real problem is are questions that are yet to be resolved.  

Feb 12 Helpful Ideas: Why Companies Should Insist that Em   Crispin discovers that there is scientific evidence to suggest that taking a nap during the day can improve an employees performance. But despite the research, I am not sure that many employers would think it a good idea!  

Feb 12 Soundbite: Please yourself for once   Gill looks at the case of 'people pleasers' - people who spend all of their time focused on the needs of others to the exclusion of their own needs.  

Dec 11 Work-Life Balance: Evolution or Revolution?   Nick suggests that Christmas provides an ideal opportunity to assess your work-life balance and plan the changes you would like to make.  

Dec 11 The Furure Report 2011   Download a copy of the Future Report compiled by the futurist organisation Global Futures and Foresight.  

Dec 11 Soundbite: To Better the Best   Although in sport a coach is seen as essential to enabling a person to achieve the highest standards, in business it is all-too-often seen as an admission of weakness. Yet, as Rosie explains, the best business leaders are also aware of the value coaching can bring.  

Dec 11 Helpful Ideas: What do you fear more: death or pub   Research suggests that although many people dread speaking in public, a large part of the problem stems from their lack of confidence in their approach and the way they use their materials and props.  

Nov 11 Brand Values   It will come as no surprise that Apple are once again taking legal action against another company to protect its iconic logo. What will come as a surprise is the fact that the company in question is a small family-run cafe in the German town of Bonn.  

Nov 11 Soundbite: Making Time   Isn't the extra hour in bed you get when the clocks go back brilliant? And wouldn't it be great if you could find an extra hour on other occasions too? But while we can't actually 'make time', we can free up time by being more efficient and disciplined with the time we have - Crispin White offers a few suggestions.  

Nov 11 Helpful Ideas: It isn't fair   Very little upsets people more than having their values compromised or challenged. But as Gill points out, regardless of the situation, there are certain steps a person can take to ensure that they deal with the situation as well as possible.  

Nov 11 Work-Life Balance: Green Leadership   Nick draws an interesting set of parallels between the initiatives companies undertake to improve their environmental credentials, and the initiatives they should also take to improve their employee satisfaction credentials.  

Oct 11 Fool's Gold   The question is not 'will Greece default?' but 'when will Greece default?' And with it Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy? In fact, when will this disastrous political experiment of monetary union collapse?  

Oct 11 The Age of Innovation   Robert Heller builds on the old Tom Peters idea of 'skunk works' to consider how innovative ideas can be turned into practical action and commercial success.  

Oct 11 Work-Life Balance: Planning For the Unexpected   Nick looks at why it is that virtually everything takes longer than we expect and at what we can do about it by applying some of the methodologies used by professional project managers.  

Oct 11 Soundbite:    Inspired by the commitment and dedication of elite athletes preparing for the Olympic Games in 2012, Rosie wonders what you might do differently if you too had such a specific goal?  

Oct 11 Helpful Ideas: Kicking the Email Habit (Part 2)   Last month Crispin explained how the staff in the BIE office once tried an experiment whereby they did not look at their emails before noon each day. This month he adds to his comments, providing further encouragement to those of you who are willing to give it a go.  

Oct 11 The need for new ideas   Edward de Bono examines the necessity of knowing when you need a new idea and judging if your new idea provides a better answer than the one you already have.  

Sep 11 Work-Life Balance: Working for free   In the same week in which it was announced that FTSE 350 bosses have seen their bonuses rise by an average of 187% while share prices have declined by an average of 71%, Nick meets some people who had given up their spare time to work for free.  

Sep 11 Augean Stables Syndrome   Robert Heller suggests that it is all too easy for managers to become fixated on some tasks while ignoring others.  

Sep 11 We Still Need Ideas!   Edward de Bono argues that in our information-obsessed organisations, ideas are at risk of being ignored  

Sep 11 Trust - A personal view by Bob Mason   I recently heard an interview with Andrew "Chubby" Chandler, the Managing Director of International Sports Management (ISM), the company that looks after many of the world’s top golfers including Lee Westwood and Rory McIlroy. What caught my attention was the fact that the deals he does with the players are not written up in contracts, they are agreed on a handshake. In Chandler's view, it is the trust and personal commitment that a handshake signifies that helps ISM stand out in the corporate greyness of sports management. Sadly though IMS is a relatively unique organisation. The trust that used to exist between people and institutions has been decimated by greed, short-termism and the unethical behavior of leaders in institutions as diverse as governments, banks, newspapers and even the church. In this article, Bob Mason, himself an experienced business leader, describes three dimensions of trust and suggests how we might begin to reverse this devastating trend.  

Sep 11 Helpful Ideas: Kicking the Email Habit   Love it or loathe it, there is no doubting the fact that the invention of email changed our lives. But in addition to its many benefits, email can also be disruptive. In this short article Crispin describes an experiment his team undertook to improve their effectiveness.  

Sep 11 Soundbite: Be proud of yourself   There is a famous idiom that says 'pride comes before a fall'. But as Gill points out, pride is nothing to be ashamed of - it is the emotion that gives us confidence, self-esteem and satisfaction in a job well done.  

Jul 11 Designed to Perfection   While the perennial question as to whether open plan offices are good or bad for employee productivity still rages, a great deal of research is coming to the conclusion that office design is more important than was previously thought. In this article we look at some of the key design features being used to improve productivity and, as an example of best practice, at the exemplary offices of the McLaren Formula1 team.  

Jul 11 Initiators and Followers   Robert Heller points out that the major models and theories that flow from the ranks of so-called management gurus do not change the market but are rather a reaction to market changes.  

Jul 11 Innovation and Risk   Edward de Bono argues many managers do not seek to innovate as change brings with it the risk of failure.  

Jul 11 Work-Life Balance: What is it that makes work sati   Some people work because they want to and some because they have to, but whatever the situation, Nick argues that we all find our greatest motivation in a sense of purpose.  

Jul 11 Soundbite: Trust   They say that trust is something that you either have or you don't; but as Rosie points out, trust can also be earned - but only if you do things right.  

Jun 11 Soundbite: Breath and reboot   Having found inspiration in an episode of "Sex and the City", Gill suggests that we should all have a "Plan B".  

Jun 11 Work-Life Balance: Don't postpone your life   When you are busy at work it is easy to promise yourself that you will get round to working on your personal goals and ambitions later; but Nick cautions against postponing your life.  

Jun 11 The Key Question for Leaders   Arguably the most important question any leaders should be constantly asking is 'why?' But important as this question is, it is often overlooked by people who are so busy getting on with the job that they forget to question why they are doing it.  

Jun 11 Decision making and the benefits change can bring   Edward de Bono suggests that too many people shy away from applying their creative energies to change because problem solving is easier and more immediate.  

Jun 11 Management styles and the new economy   Robert Heller argues that the new economy companies can learn from the old, just as the old can learn from the new.  

May 11 Soundbite: Feeling Hopeful   Following the joyous event of the Royal Wedding many commentators have suggested that the mood of joy, hope and pride will help lift the nation out of our economic woes, but as Gill points out, hope alone is not enough.  

May 11 Work-Life Balance: Symptom or Cause   Nick looks at the question whether a lack of motivation and drive is a symptom of a poor work-life balance or the cause of it?  

May 11 Creative thinking: inside and outside the box   Edward de Bono uses the metaphor of 'thinking outside the box' to illustrate why both internal and external perspectives are valuable.  

May 11 Why Grow   Robert Heller considers whether successful profitable companies should drive for growth, or whether staying the size they are and being contented with their lot should suffice?  

May 11 Recruiting the personality as well as the person   When recruiting to fill a vacancy most people place the emphasis on the experience of the candidates and the skills they possess that will enable them to succeed in the job. Yet research suggests that having fun and feeling engaged with both the job and the organisation are the most important factors in retaining key employees. In this article Alistair Schofield looks at an approach to recruitment he has used in the past to provide an insight into a candidates likely engagement.  

Apr 11 Work-Life Balance: It's Down to You   Nick provides a few tips for managers who want to improve both the performance of their team as well as their work-life balance.  

Apr 11 From Toilet Paper to Typhoons: Why managers need t   In physics the second law of thermal dynamics says that everything in the universe moves inexorably from organisation to chaos. If this is true for the universe, it must also be true for the organisations we work in, but what are the implications for the way in which we run those organisations?  

Apr 11 Soundbite: Leadership in Crisis - Lessons from Jap   Using the dignified and stoic response of the peopleof Japan in the face of unimaginable suffereing as an example, Rosie considers the approach we might take when showing leadership in a time of crisis.  

Apr 11 Creativity and Teamwork   Edward de Bono suggests an artificial construct to facilitate creative thinking. As with everything Edwards suggests, it's worth a try!  

Apr 11 Future Planning and Management   Robert Heller complains that managers spend too much time obsessing about the present and too little time considering the future.  

Mar 11 Work-Life Balance: The Benefit Being Early   Nick looks at the difference ‘running early’ can have on your life and happiness.  

Mar 11 Listening is the Key to Excellent Customer Service   Robert Heller wonders why so few organisations have become truly customer-centric.  

Mar 11 Good is the Enemy of Best   Edward de Bono argues that even when there is no complacency, managers still find difficulty in thinking about things that are perfectly satisfactory  

Mar 11 Soundbite: Choosing Between Right and Right   Rosie considers the dilemmas faced by the various bodies involved in regulating and organising UK financial services in the aftermath of the crash.  

Mar 11 Cutting Costs vs. Improving Efficiency   It is often said that any old fool can make cuts, but very few people can grow things successfully, but is this true? Is it not the case that inefficient cost cutting is just as damaging as inefficient investment?  

Feb 11 Intelligence does not necessarily equate to better   Edward de Bono argues that intelligence is just one of the components necessary for good quality thinking  

Feb 11 The burden of leadership and accountability   Robert Heller questions what company chiefs should really be accountable for.  

Feb 11 Soundbite: Overcoming distractions at work   Technological advances mean that we now have more opportunities to be distracted than at any previous time in history. Gill gives some advice on how to stay focussed.  

Feb 11 Work-Life Balance: Finding the "Zone"   Nick suggests ways of improving your enjoyment of work without having to work less  

Feb 11 Inverted Swans   Why is it that some organisations achieve great results without apearing to expend much effort while others, despite having all their staff working like stink, appear to achieve very little?  

Dec 10 Trophy vs Tournament   Despite lobbying from the dream team of the Prime Minister, Prince William and David Beckham we lost. Principled Britons 0, FIFA 1! But at least we can hold our heads high as we still have our moral standards intact, or do we?  

Dec 10 Expecting Creativity   Edward de Bono asks whether creativity is expected in your organisation, or whether it is simply desirable?  

Dec 10 Managers Must be Entrepreneurs   Robert Heller suggests that although the skills of managers and entrepreneurs occasionally look at odds with one another, both skills are necessary.  

Dec 10 Birds and Boffins   During a recent speech the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England said that no one could have predicted the current recession. But if swans can predict the early onset of winter, surely it is not beyond the wit of man to predict something of our own making?  

Dec 10 Work-Life Balance: The Ghost of Work-Life Balance   Nick chooses a seasonal classic for the basis of this month's column  

Dec 10 Soundbite: Check your Filters   Filters regularly get clogged: the dishwasher, the washing machine and even the car, but do you remember to regularly clean out your personal filters?  

Nov 10 Work-Life Balance: Executive Stretch   Nick puts forward some suggestions as to how managers in particular can deliver on the old adage of 'delivering more with less'.  

Nov 10 Soundbite: Optimism   Gill considers the balance between optimism and realism and concludes that we all have something to learn from the optimists.  

Nov 10 Creativity is more than problem solving   Edward de Bono points out that creativity often occurs when identifying a solution to a problem, but that creativity can also occur without a problem to solve.  

Nov 10 The Naked Manager   Robert Heller looks back at his first book, published in the 1960s, and asks whether anything has really changed?  

Nov 10 What's in a handshake?   In Western business culture the handshake is the accepted way in which we greet people, especially people we are meeting for the first time. But what does our handshake say about us and what might people subconsciously read into this seemingly iniquitous custom?  

Oct 10 But what I meant was ……   George Bernard Shaw once described Britain and America as being two countries separated by a common language, but as Rosie points out, this same communication dilemma affects us all.  

Oct 10 Leader or Manager   After four months of campaigning, Ed Milliband has won the race to become Leader of the Labour Party, but what does the term leader mean in the context of a political party and, more to the point, what should it mean. Alistair Schofield argues that the term ‘leader’ is inappropriate, as the behaviours of MPs seems to more closely resemble the traits of managers rather than leaders.  

Oct 10 Denial Must Not Be a Part of Your Business Strateg   Robert Heller demonstrates how denying the facts can lead to dreadful consequences.  

Oct 10 Leadership and Thinking   Edward de Bono explains why most leaders do not like to talk about thinking.  

Sep 10 Cost Management   There are two types of costs in business; ones that are obvious and visible, and ones that are not. In this revealing article, Brian Plowman of DevelinBevington explains how it is possible to expose and eliminate the systemic flaws in operational processes that are the cause of a huge proportion of hidden costs  

Sep 10 Soundbite: Inspired Words   It is often said that 'the pen is mightier than the sword', but what words or quotations inspire you?  

Sep 10 Work-Life Balance: Virtual Team Building   It is well known that a good team spirit is a major factor in improving morale, motivation and even productivity; yet in today's virtual world it is not uncommon for people to be expected to work together with colleagues they rarely meet face-to-face. To overcome the difficulties, Nick offers some advice to people who manage or work in 'virtual teams'.  

Sep 10 Business Models and the Internet   Robert Heller Robert Heller considers the ways in which businesses need to innovate and adapt if they are to survive in a rapidly changing world.  

Sep 10 New Track Thinking   Edward de Bono points out that people often limit their options by limiting the approach they use to finding solutions to their challenges.  

Jul 10 Creativity must be taken seriously   Edward de Bono argues that companies should employ a CCO, a Chief Creativity Officer.  

Jul 10 Lessons from the troubles of Toyota   Robert Heller looks back at the troubles of Toyota to see if there are lessons to be learned.  

Jul 10 A Call to Action – For Men and Women   Rosie provides feedback from a conference where the the central question being asked was: "Is now the time when women will take a much greater leadership role?"  

Jul 10 Blaming the Boss   When things go as tragically wrong as in the case of BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, where eleven people died and the resultant oil spill is the largest in history, there is doubting the fact that it is the Chief Executive who has to take responsibility. But despite the calls for Tony Hayward to be fired, is there any benefit in sacking him when the company's problems clearly go way beyond the actions of one man?  

Jul 10 More balances to consider   Life is a balance between many things - not just your work and your free time - and getting the balances right between all of these different things is the key to leading a relaxed and fulfilled life.  

Jun 10 Testing Capitalism   Robert Heller looks at the false assumptions and illusions that have tested the very principles of free market capitalism.  

Jun 10 Deliberate Thinking   Edward de Bono points out that most of the thinking we do is casual and chaotic, whereas 'deliberate thinking' is focused and for a specific purpose.  

Jun 10 Protecting Front-Line Services   By promising to cut public expenditure while maintaining “front-line” services, the political parties campaigning to win the General Election were acknowledging that there were extraneous expenses in many Government departments and Public Sector organisations. However, inefficiencies and waste are not confined to the public sector; many commercial organisations are also not as efficient as they might be. But how did these costs creep into the system and what can you do about it?  

Jun 10 Happy Mondays   I once knew a man who was so unhappy in his home life that he often joked that he was a "thank-God-it's-Monday man". But, as Gill points out, we should be positive about Monday mornings, celebrating the fact that it is the start of the week rather than bemoaning the end of the weekend.  

Jun 10 Living With Uncertainty   In a world of unprecedented change and uncertainty, in which the old time management directive to "take control" no longer seems relevant or achievable, Nick considers the steps you can take to "be prepared".  

May 10 Brilliant Bank Holidays!   Nick points out that Bank Holidays are like no other days - they create an opportunity to relax and take time off that is unlike either holidays or weekends.  

May 10 Looking After Your Pearls   While reading an article about looking after your jewellery, Rosie's mind wanders to consider how you might also look after the "pearls" in your life.  

May 10 Can managers be both agreeable and successful?   In a recent article, Professor of Psychology Adrian Furnham, argued that managers whose behaviour is considered to be "disagreeable" are more successful than managers who are "agreeable".  

May 10 Challenging complacency with new ideas   Edward de Bono points out that while complacency is a major obstacle to change, it can be challenged.  

May 10 The Buffett way of business management   Robert Heller looks at the secrets behind the success of Warren Buffett.  

Apr 10 The Five Drivers of The New Management   Robert Heller describes the way in which modern organisations need to rethink their approach to management if they are to avoid the pitfalls of the past.  

Apr 10 New Track Thinking   Edward de Bono points out that, since we are naturally creatures of routine, we need a conscious process for finding 'new track' ideas.  

Apr 10 Planning for Success   Although most companies will have plans in place for when things go wrong, very few plan for the consequences of unexpected success. But if it makes sense to anticipate and prepare for the unwelcome consequences of bad news, does it not make sense to have plans in place to ensure that you are able to capitalise on surprise opportunities as well?  

Apr 10 Spring forward   Gill describes some great ways to put a spring in your step. After all, it is spring!  

Apr 10 Coping with emergencies   Regardless of how well you plan and how organised you are, life has a habit of throwing up unexpected shocks. In this article Nick suggests some strategies for coping.  

Apr 10 Two Cow Capitalism (A simple Lesson in Economics)   An amusing insight into the workings of some of the largest economies in the World.  

Mar 10 Soundbite: Happines - A Management Issue   Rosie provides evidence that being happy at work makes people significantly more productive.  

Mar 10 Work-Life Balance: Changing Work Patterns   Being either self-employed or a "portfolio worker" presents fantastic work-life balance opportunities, but it also presents significant risks. Nick offers a few suggestions as to how you can capitalise on the opportunities while minimising the risks.  

Mar 10 The Degree Dilemma   With a university degree providing a guarantee of getting into debt but no longer offering a guarantee of getting a job, more and more students are questioning whether they would be better of going straight into work. This in turn is creating a new group of employees; the GCNDs (Graduate Calibre, No Degree) that employers should perhaps consider specifically targeting.  

Mar 10 Creativity in Groups   Edward de Bono considers at the creative benefits of working with other people.  

Mar 10 The rise of the consultant and the real lessons le   Robert Heller looks at how the rise of the management consultant has contributed to our current problems but that, provided you understand its limitations, the notion of scientific management can still be of value.  

Feb 10 The Bonus Culture - Good or Bad?   In the aftermath of the Credit Crunch, the term 'bonus' has become synonymous with greed an immorality. But is a 'bonus culture' really so bad? Is is not simply that in the banking sector the bonus schemes were designed poorly and applied inappropriately?  

Feb 10 Work-Life Balance: Creating Space   Nick looks at the problem of completely packed diaries.  

Feb 10 Soundbite: De-Clutter Your Life   In clearing space for the decorators, Gill discovers that tidying up and throwing things out can be a cathartic experience.  

Feb 10 The Five Drivers of The New Management   Robert Heller describes the way in which modern organisations need to rethink their approach to management if they are to avoid the pitfalls of the past  

Feb 10 New Track Thinking   Edward de Bono points out that, since we are naturally creatures of routine, we need a conscious process for finding 'new track' ideas.  

Dec 09 Soundbite: Food for Thought   Rosie provides some ‘food for thought’ based on the thoughts of business guru Jim Collins.  

Dec 09 Structured Creativity   Edward de Bono of says that there is a mistaken belief that creativity should be totally free and unfettered - that restrictions or barriers will limit and stifle the creative process.  

Dec 09 The Executive Gravy Train   Robert Heller believes that the reason bankers' bonuses are once again rising is because the system of pay and remuneration is self-serving  

Dec 09 Rant: An amazing tale - shame it's true!   A short story of how the lethal combination of politicians and a good idea can result in disaster!  

Dec 09 Work-Life Balance: Give your employees a stress-fr   As Christmas approaches, Nick looks at things you can do to reduce the stress for your employees and improve their work-life balance.  

Dec 09 What to cut?   During recessionary times many companies work hard to cut costs. The problem is that businesses spend money to make money – business is an investment. Therefore, if you spend less, it follows that there is a risk that you will earn less. The question therefore is how do you reduce costs without damaging the business?  

Nov 09 Work-Life Balance: Living with Change   Despite change being virtually constant in modern working life, many people find it difficult and stressful. Nick makes some suggestions that may help.  

Nov 09 Judgment, recognition and operacy   Edward de Bono argues that our education system places too much emphasis on academic subjects and too little emphasis on the practical skills needed in business.  

Nov 09 The business strategy lessons learnt from the "big   Robert Heller looks back at the history of various management philosophies.  

Nov 09 Soundbite: Same picture – different frame!   Sometimes the challenge, situation or circumstances cannot be changed; but you can change the way you perceive it.  

Nov 09 The Challenge of Change   When it comes to driving change programmes, most people focus on the goals, the objectives and the tasks to be completed. The problem is that what causes most change programmes to fail is none of these; it is the organisation’s history, heritage and cultural foundations. The fact remains that most change programmes don’t go wrong, they start wrong!  

Oct 09 Better ideas can be found with lateral thinking   Edward de Bono argues that the techniques of lateral thinking should be used even when no problem exists.  

Oct 09 Jessop’s – A salutary lesson!   Strategy may be an art more than a science, but there are nevertheless basic rules that should be followed. The most obvious way to point this out is to consider the case of companies that failed to follow them – in this case the photographic retailer Jessop’s of Leicester.  

Oct 09 Driving Success   Robert Heller looks at the challenges facing the automobile industry and their need to find visionary leaders.  

Oct 09 Soundbite: Get passion into your business   Rosie asks whether some of the ‘softer’ concepts in business are important, or just nice to have?  

Oct 09 Work-Life Balance: Working Mums - A Family Issue   Nick concludes that many women are work-life balance experts.  

Sep 09 Work-Life Balance: Retire a little today   Leaving retirement until you retire may be leaving it too late. Nick points out that if you want to enjoy your retirement to the maximum, it might be as well to start thinking about it now.  

Sep 09 Soundbite: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff   Gill provides some tips on how to focus all your time and energy on the things that really matter  

Sep 09 Excellent But Not Enough   Edward de Bono points out that language is a history of the past and that it would be helpful if we invented some new words to describe concepts that are otherwise in danger of being overlooked  

Sep 09 The way back from the downturn   Robert Heller looks at the ways in which some companies are managing to beat the downturn by adopting innovative marketing strategies.  

Sep 09 Why the recession is irrelevant   Alistair Schofield argues that while a boom or recession might affect the performance of a business, it should not affect its strategy.  

Aug 09 Work-Life Balance: And now for something completel   Nick describes the benefits of trying something different, experiencing new things and shaking ourselves out of the habits that increasingly condition our lives as we get older.  

Aug 09 Soundbite: Decisions, Decisions!   Rosie looks at the key factors involved in making good decisions.  

Aug 09 Rant: Will Government please join us in the "real    One reader believes that Government has found a new way of duping us into paying more taxes.  

Aug 09 Innovation in Business   Edward de Bono believes that organisations pay lip-service to innovation with most CEOs instead preferring to solve problems reactively.  

Aug 09 Management truth, myths and consequences   Robert Heller argues that management success is based on defining your own certainty in an uncertain world, not simply following accepted dogma.  

Aug 09 Knowledge Can Be Dangerous   Business places a high value on both knowledge and experience, but is it wise to do so? Alistair Schofield argues that sometimes we under-value the benefits of new thinking and a fresh pair of eyes.  

Jul 09 Work-Life Balance: Redefining Work-Life Balance   Nick looks more closely at what we actually mean by the term ‘Work-Life Balance’ and draws some helpful conclusions.  

Jul 09 Soundbite: Dealing with setbacks   Gill shows how it is possible to learn to be optimistic; to focus on your successes rather then allowing your less successful moments to form self-limiting beliefs.  

Jul 09 Overcoming the Limitations of Language   Edward de Bono points out that language can be a limiting factor in creativity.  

Jul 09 Rewards and Incentives   Robert Heller makes the point that businesses have grown to rely far too heavily on monetary incentives.  

Jul 09 The Business Case for Love   Marc Cox, Head of Advocacy at brand consultancy 1HQ, puts forward the business case for love, pointing out that if you can’t get your employees to love the business, what chance have you of getting your customers to?  

Jun 09 Soundbite: The Power of Negative Thinking   People often find it easier to be negative than positive, but be warned, negative thinking can have a powerful effect!  

Jun 09 Work-Life Balance: Time management tips from proje   Nick, himself an experienced project manager, shares tricks of the trade on how to accurately estimate how long tasks will take.  

Jun 09 Value Concepts   Edward de Bono argues that concepts and strategy are different and that different people should be involved in producing each.  

Jun 09 The auto industry bailout speaks volumes about US    Robert Heller argues that it is not the credit crunch that has caused the problems for US car companies – they have been incompetently managed for years.  

Jun 09 MPs – Leaders or Losers?   The recent revelations concerning the expenses of many MPs has called into question their suitability. But are we over-reacting given that we wouldn’t expect to lose our jobs if we hadn’t broken any rules; or is it right that we should expect MPs to set higher standards? Alistair Schofield argues that MPs should abide by the standards expected of leaders.  

May 09 Work-Life Balance: Virtual Meetings   Nick describes how web conferencing tools can save you time and money as well as eliminating the stress of travelling to unnecessary face-to-face meetings.  

May09 Soundbite: Do something new!   Gill describes how the simple act of doing something different can improve you motivation and give you new-found energy.  

May 09 Creative thinking could help during the downturn   Edward de Bono points out that better thinking should be considered a necessity when times are hard, not a luxury.  

May 09 Where is ‘The Office’?   Robert Heller looks back at the first glimpses he had of the ‘networked age’ and the ‘virtual office’.  

May 09 Pseudoscience and Gobbledygook   There are numerous tests and tool available that purport to assist organisations in developing their people, recruiting the best talent, making teams more effective or even improving their leadership skills. But are they any good?  

Apr09 Rant: Bloody Yellow Pages   Are you annoyed by Yellow Pages? One of our readers certainly is!  

Apr09 Work-Life Balance: Being 100% in what you’re in   Nick shows how being focused can improve your work-life balance, as well as making you more efficient and effective.  

Apr09 Soundbite: Decision Making in Tough Times   Making good decisions is always tough, but it is especially tough when times are hard and the pressure is on.  

Apr09 Creativity: similarity, difference and contrast   Edward de Bono looks at how the concepts of similarity, difference and contrast can be used to aid creative thinking.  

Apr09 The Avoidable Second Crash   Robert Heller looks back at the origins of the credit crunch to see what lessons can be learned.  

Apr09 Have we all gone mad?   In the run up to the G20 summit in Britain, much has been written about the views and opinions of different groups regarding how to solve the current financial crisis; but very little has been heard from individuals and small business leaders. Alistair Schofield therefore thought it would be interesting to find out what they think.  

Mar 09 Work-Life Balance: Doing things at the right time   Good time management is important for a good work-life balance. Bur as Nick points out, it is also important to match the types of things you do to your energy peaks and troughs.  

Mar 09 Soundbite: Singing   Gill describes the benefits of filling your lungs, opening your mouth and letting rip!  

Mar 09 Possibility and Probability   Edward de Bono looks at the difference between possibility and probability. While one widens your horizons the other restricts it.  

Mar 09 Renewal of Management Styles Needed   Robert Heller argues that young managers should not be as boring as their predecessors.  

Mar 09 10 Lessons on Innovation Teams from The Economist   Andrew Carey describes his experiences in observing the establishment and workings of an “Innovations Team” at The Economist over a 6-month period.  

Feb 09 Soundbite: Let’s go explore!   Rosie shows how the recession can create opportunities as well as risks, provided you learn how to overcome your own resistance to change.  

Feb 09 Work-Life Balance: The Source of Energy   Where does your energy come from? Nick provides some pointers as to how to improve your energy levels.  

Feb 09 Creativity as a Skill   Edward de Bono says that complacency is the true enemy of creativity.  

Feb 09 Why Things Go Wrong With Over-Complicated Manageme   Robert Heller questions whether complexity is something we should resist or simply learn to live with.  

Feb 09 The Customer/Employee Trade-off: The new role for    Alistair Schofield uses the examples of Wall-Mart and Costco to question whether the role of managers should be to minimise costs to consumers, maximise benefits to employees or deliver profits to shareholders.  

Dec 08 Rant: Joined up Government?   Governments may set out with good intentions but, as a result of a lack of coordination, the results can sometimes leave us worse off.  

Dec 08 WLB: The Natural Wonder Drug   Nick describes the effects of a drug that could help us all – especially at the moment.  

Dec 08 Soundbite: Changing Habits   Rosie suggests that, in these troubled times, we take time to re-evaluate our approach to change.  

Dec 08 New Ideas & Business Development   Edward de Bono questions who is responsible for coming up with new ideas for business development.  

Dec 08 Purpose & Business Management   Appalled by the inefficiency of some organisations, Robert Heller describes how individuals should adopt Peter Drucker’s suggestions on 'feedback analysis' to improve their performance.  

Dec 08 Time to Lead   Des Gould argues that to solve the problems of today, leaders need to make time to think in different ways. To make the point, Des suggests that there are four types of ‘time’, but that in business we have traditionally only used one.  

Nov 08 Work-Life Balanace: Recession – a pause for reflec   Nick points out that a recession is not all bad – it presents opportunities that we will miss if all we do is obsess about the negatives.  

Nov 08 Rant: The cost of acquisition versus the cost of r   Why do companies spend a fortune on courting new customers while treating their existing ones with contempt?  

Nov 08 Soundbite: Walk Away From Negative Energy   While walking across Ilkley Moore, Gill wonders why we ever allow ourselves to be depressed by the hurley-burley of everyday life.  

Nov 08 Perceptual Shift Required For Creativity   Edward de Bono argues that while logic and creativity may at times conflict, they are not mutually exclusive.  

Nov 08 Opportunity & Business Strategy   Robert Heller describes how recessions present both threats and opportunities. Which it is to you can often be down to a state of mind.  

Nov 08 Don’t Dally With Dogma   Gordon Brown has been hailed as the hero of the current financial crisis for policies that, in his own words, announce a return to Keynesian economics. At the same time others are criticising him for adopting policies that they claim were discredited in the 1970’s. Alistair Schofield argues that the danger may not lie in the policies, but in the temptation to follow dogma rather than finding new solutions to new situations.  

Oct 08 Rant: Was Boris Johnston right to force out Sir Ia   Rant is a new column where you can sound off, vent your spleen or just put across your point of view.  

Oct 08 Soundbite: The Fog of Change   Rosie compares the uncertainty many of us are living with as a result of the credit crunch to a ‘foggy project’ and suggests some strategies to help us cope.  

Oct 08 Work-Life Balance: No worries mate   Nick discovers that the Aussies do things differently.  

Oct 08 Improving on Tired Ideas for Business Development   Edward de Bono suggests that organisations would benefit from the appointment of a New Ideas Officer.  

Oct 08 Total Quality Management – Lessons to be learnt   Robert Heller bemoans the fact that the lessons of Total Quality Management seem to have been forgotten now that TQM has fallen out of fashion.  

Oct 08 Stepping up to Leadership   Since effective leadership requires a relationship between the leader and the led, an internal candidate for the position of CEO or MD, who knows the organisation, its employees and customers should have an advantage over external candidates. Why then is it that so many of these positions are filled by external candidates?  

Sep 08 Soundbite: Learn to say No   Saying ‘no’ is not as easy as it sounds. Gill provides some practical advice based on personal experience.  

Sep 08 Work-Life Balance: Clear the Decks   Nick explains how tidying up can reduce stress.  

Sep 08 More Than Problem-solving   Edward de Bono considers the pros and cons between working in a team or by yourself.  

Sep 08 The Age of the Naked Plutocrat   Robert Heller pulls no punches in describing the excessive rewards being lavished on a few corporate heads and the trail of destruction they have left behind in pursuit of personal wealth.  

Sep 08 Bill’s Legacy   Following the recent announcement that of Bill Gates has stepped down from full-time work at Microsoft, Alistair Schofield looks back at the legacy of the man who built one of the largest and most profitable companies ever.  

Aug 08 Soundbite: Reviewing and Improving   Rosie describes a technique for appraising yourself without undermining your self-confidence.  

Aug 08 Work-Life Balance: The Multitasking Myth   Many people claim that multitasking enable them to achieve more and me bore effective; but is it all that it is cracked up to be.  

Aug 08 Lateral Thinking for Individuals and Groups   Edward de Bono considers the pros and cons between working in a team or by yourself.  

Aug 08 Following Figures Away From Innovation   Robert Heller looks at why many successful companies fail to innovate successfully.  

Aug 08 Equal Pay for Equal Play   Against the background of the debate concerning the rights and wrongs of offering different amounts of prize money to the men and women players at Wimbledon, Alistair Schofield considers an alternative approach to determining how much a person is worth.  

Jul 08 Work-Life Balance: Taking the stress out of intern   Nick provides some tips on how to minimise the stress of travelling on business.  

Jul 08 Soundbite: Being Congruent   Gill looks at how to be in rapport with yourself and the world around you.  

Jul 08 Finding Time for Creativity   Edward de Bono argues that creativity is like any skill, it must first be learned and then practiced.  

Jul 08 Setting an Example   Robert Heller suggests that we can learn great things from other people, especially the eight ‘Masters’ he identifies.  

Jul 08 Individualism vs. Collectivism: When should the ne   Alistair Schofield makes the case for dealing with people as individuals, rather than treating them collectively and applying standard policies on the pretence that it is fairer that way.  

Jun 08 Soundbite: Walking in the Moccasins of Another   Rosie uses an old American Indian technique to help people prepare for an interview.  

Jun 08 Work-Life Balance: Improve your state of mind and    Music may be the food of love – but it can it also help you at work?  

Jun 08 Problem Solving & New Ideas   Edward de Bono argues that an obsession with solving problems can cause us to ignore other potential areas of improvement.  

Jun 08 The Man Who Made It Happen   Robert Heller looks back at the life and the legacy of Sir John Harvey-Jones.  

Jun 08 The curse of overreaction   Alistair Schofield looks at the important skill of communication and considers why messages from leaders can sometimes cause people to overreact and behave in ways that were not anticipated.  

May 08 Why you shouldn’t cut training   Alistair Schofield argues that a company’s investment in training and development should not vary with the economic climate, but be part of a log-term strategic plan.  

May 08 Soundbite: Get on with it!   Gill provides some top tips on how to stop yourself from procrastinating.  

May 08 Work-Life Balance: Is your leadership style causin   Nick considers whether there is an approach to leadership that can minimise the stress in others.  

May 08 Action and Possibilities   Edward de Bono argues that our obsession with certainty detracts from our ability to consider other possibilities.  

May 08 The Curse of Conglomerates   Robert Heller questions the rationale behind the growing trend towards mergers and acquisitions.  

Apr 08 Soundbite: Lacking in confidence?   Gill McKay suggests a way of improving your self-confidence.  

Apr 08 The Harmonious Business   Alistair Schofield considers how, after years of seeking niches and discontinuities in markets, businesses can now succeed based on strategies that seek to work in harmony with suppliers, customers and competitors.  

Apr 08 Work-Life Balance: Be decisive   We all know that it is good for managers to be decisive, but what exactly does this entail?  

Apr 08 The Inadequacy of Argument   Edward de Bono highlights the floors in using argument as a mechanism for deciding outcomes.  

Apr 08 Incentives and Mistakes   Robert Heller questions the role of incentives in driving beneficial business strategies and outcomes.  

Mar 08 Management and Leadership   Robert Heller considers ways of defining and measuring management and leadership.  

Mar 08 Short-termism is killing us!   As the pace of change increases, so too does the need to plan ahead. Yet the reality is that many of us assign far too much importance to short-term tasks rather than long-term priorities.  

Mar 08 Ideas and Creative Skills   Edward de Bono argues that insufficient emphasis is placed on the importance of possibility and too much emphasis is placed on the search for certainty.  

Mar 08 Work-Life Balance: Unplanned Delegation   Nicks looks at the impact on a person's work-life balance of having additional work dumped on them at short notice.  

Feb 08 Making Training Count   Alistair Schofield considers whether it is possible to measure the return on investment in training.  

Feb 08 Soundbite: Keeping your New Year’s resolutions   Gill explains why the 21st January is officially the most depressing day of the year.  

Feb 08 Work-Life Balance: Making Change Count   Nicks sets out a plan for ensuring that you successfully follow through on your good intentions.  

Feb 08 Ideas Don’t Always Have to Die   Edward de Bono considers why ideas often die – even the good ones!  

Feb 08 Crunch Time for Creditors   Robert Heller translates the mysteries surrounding the current “credit crunch” into plain English.  

Dec 07 Work-Life Balance: Stay in tune with your natural    Nick points out that every day we are different and therefore best suited to different things. Knowing this can aid your productivity as well as improving your work-life balance.  

Dec 07 Time for the CGO   Robert Heller questions whether the term ‘Chief Executive Officer’ is a help or a hindrance in defining what the most senior person in a company should be doing?  

Dec 07 Making Creativity a Habit   Edward de Bono provides readers with a crash course on how to be creative.  

Dec 07 The Blaming of the Shrew   Given that we are continuously encouraging leaders to empower their staff and delegate authority, Alistair Schofield asks whether it is fair that they should take the blame when things go wrong.  

Nov 07 The Nucor Way   Robert Heller looks at the outstanding success one company has had by taking, what some might see as, an unconventional approach to management.  

Nov 07 Work-Life Balance: The Oldest of Lessons   A crisis can often highlight the things that are important in life – but should it take a crisis to realise this?  

Nov 07 Soundbite: It’s Official – There are More Questi   Rosie points out that to ask good questions, you first need to understand the outcomes you are looking for.  

Nov 07 Ideas and Creativity   Edward de Bono draws a distinction between ideas creativity and artistic creativity and points out that the former can be learned in the same way as any other subject.  

Nov 07 Are They Blind or Just Stupid?   Alistair Schofield asks why is it that so many of the World’s greatest product innovations have been missed by the companies that should have owned or invented them?  

Oct 07 Soundbite: Listen to your intuitive mind   Gill describes how gut-feel and instinct are just as valuable as logic and reasoning when making decisions.  

Oct 07 Work Life Balance: Work Life & Brain Balance   Nick points out that an understanding of the subject of brain dominance can sometimes help people identify the type of activities they should be engaging in to provide themselves with a good work-life balance.  

Oct 07 Train Your Mind for Creativity   Edward de Bono describes how the mind can be trained to think creatively.  

Sep 07 Soundbite: How to Have More Good Days at Work   Rosie asks what the difference is between a good day and work and a bad one and offers advice on how to make more days “good” ones.  

Sep 07 Work-Life Balance: Saving Energy   Being “green” is all the rage, but do you use your own energy wisely?  

Sep 07 Creative Skills and Thinking   Edward de Bono describes how creative thinking is a much broader concept than simply brainstorming.  

Sep 07 Quality Management or Quality Company   Despite the popularity of Six Sigma, Robert Heller questions whether it is all it is cracked up to be.  

Sep 07 Unlocking the value of the overhead   Brian Plowman, Managing Director of Develin & Partners, describes an approach to cost cutting that can improve customer service, productivity and effectiveness as well as reducing costs.  

Aug 07 Soundbite: Whose standards are they anyway?   Gill suggests that a lot of the stress people experience comes from the pressures we impose upon ourselves.  

Aug 07 Work-Life Balance: Do a little of what you love to   Nick considers why some people, who ostensibly have a poor work-life balance, seem to have boundless energy and great enthusiasm for their work.  

Aug 07 Creativity & How to Achieve It   Edward de Bono describes how dissatisfaction lies at the heart of the motivation for creativity and innovation.  

Aug 07 Leadership and Strategy   Robert Heller describes how success and longevity can often breed complacency and offers a short check-list to test yourself against.  

Aug 07 Learning to Lead   Alistair Schofield believes that leadership skills are natural and that all of us possess them to a greater or lesser extent. The development of leadership skills is therefore not about learning anything new, but about bringing existing skills to the fore.  

Jul 07 Soundbite: High Performance Moves – Lessons from s   Although not a big fan of rugby, Rosie still found something of interest when she attended a presentation by members of the Wasps ruby team.  

Jul 07 Work-Life Balance: Bring some “Life” into you work   Nick points out that the issues of work-life balance are not always about the quantity of work, time constraints and too much pressure, sometimes it can be caused by boredom.  

Jul 07 Focusing on Small Ideas   Edward de Bono describes how thinking of small ideas can often lead to bigger things.  

Jul 07 Paradoxes & the Fusion   Manager Robert Heller is vehemently against management doctrines as the world of management has very few absolutes. Instead managers must learn to deal with endless trade-offs.  

Jun 07 Work-Life Balance: Start at the Beginning   Nick points out that “the beginning” is not always where we expect to find it.  

Jun 07 A Need for New Thinking   Edward de Bono describes a new organization he has established to challenge conventional thinking and promote new ideas.  

Jun 07 Management and Leadership   Robert Heller offers a simple set of questions that he believes leaders should ask themselves on a regular basis.  

Jun 07 Who Should Decide?   Alistair Schofield challenges the view that one of the most important jobs of a manager is to make decisions.  

May 07 Work-Life Balance: There are few real “deadlines”   Nick passes on some advice on how to avoid living your life by other people’s deadlines.  

May 07 Ideas for All   Edward de Bono argues that the search for new ideas should be constant – even when things are going well.  

May 07 Apple Shines   Robert Heller believes that the avoidance of mistakes can sometimes be more important than the pursuit of good decisions.  

May 07 Achieving Excellence in Customer Management   During its brief history, the science and technology surrounding Customer Management has acquired something of a mixed reputation, but recent research from Henley Management College may shed light on why some projects have failed while other succeeded.  

Apr 07 Work-Life Balance: The Art of Saying No   Nick looks at how we can improve our work-life balance and our reputation for being reliable and delivering on time, simply by learning to say “no”.  

Apr 07 Interesting Creativity   Edward de Bono on why value, and not difference, creates real interest.  

Apr 07 Opulence is the New Affluence   Robert Heller looks at how the Age of Affluence has given way to an Era of Opulence.  

Apr 07 Interview – Robert Heller   Alistair Schofield speaks to Robert Heller, journalist, commentator and the author of more than 50 books on management and business strategy.  

Mar 07 Work-Life Balance: Using your subconscious to good   Nick looks at how to harness the power of your subconscious mind to make yourself more efficient.  

Mar 07 Lateral Thinking & Creativity   Edward de Bono considers what it takes for managers to take lateral thinking and creative ideas seriously?  

Mar 07 Right and Left-Brain Managers   Robert Heller looks at the different approach managers take to running their businesses and concludes that they need to be whole-brained.  

Mar 07 Leaders in London 2006   Towards the end of 2006 I was lucky enough to attend the Leaders in London summit. This article therefore consists of a series of “soundbites” that attempt to summarise some of the key points made by each of the speakers, followed by a synopsis of the themes that emerged from the event overall.  

Feb 07 Soundbite: Quick fix vs. the long-term solution   Anna’s friend goes on a diet – but will it last?  

Feb 07 Work-Life Balance: Becoming Dispensable   Nick describes how successful delegation is not just about allocating tasks to others, it involves letting go in your mind.  

Feb 07 Creative Thinking   Edward de Bono asks whether we should make creativity part of our usual thinking behaviour, or should we keep it separate and only ‘switch’ when required?  

Feb 07 Power and the Manager   Within a company the CEO is generally regarded as being all powerful, yet the fact remains that the average tenure of a CEO is now less than 2 years. Against this background, Robert Heller considerers the nature of the power a CEO possesses.  

Feb 07 Interview - Daniel Pink   Alistair Schofield speaks to Daniel Pink, journalist, commentator and best-selling author of “A Whole New Mind”.  

Dec 06 Soundbite: T’is the season to be jolly!   Anna’s suggestions will help us make the most of the festive season.  

Dec 06 Work-Life Balance: Understanding Pressure   As the pressures mount in the run up to Christmas, Nick looks at three different sources of pressures and offers some helpful suggestions.  

Dec 06 More than Lip Service   Edward de Bono says too many companies talk about innovation, but do nothing about it.  

Dec 06 Forty Years Later   Robert Heller looks back over forty years to consider what has changed.  

Dec 06 Interview – Ian Geden   Alistair Schofield speaks to Ian Geden, Chief Executive of UK-based financial services company NFU Mutual, about customer service excellence.  

Nov 06 Soundbite: Get out of your comfort zone!   Anna kicks us out of complacency.  

Nov 06 Creativity and Risk   Edward de Bono considers the question of how long you should give a new idea to succeed before giving up?  

Nov 06 Sales & Marketing: Get it Together   Robert Heller believes that the perennial battling between sales and marketing reflects a grave failure to manage effectively.  

Oct 06 Soundbite: Focus on what really matters   Anna draws a distinction between tasks and objectives.  

Oct 06 Work-Life Balance: What matters is what you do – n   Nick considers the impact that your behaviours have on others.  

Oct 06 Creative Focus   Creative thinking may still be needed, even if the solutions to a problem are obvious, says Edward de Bono.  

Oct 06 The Pirates of Pay   Robert Heller believes that, despite growing criticism, schemes for enriching top managers are worsening.  

Oct 06 The Fine Line Between Good and Bad   Now that the dust has settled, Alistair Schofield looks back at the collapse of Enron to consider what lessons we have learned for employment policy.  

Sep 06 Soundbite: What happens when you win?   What should you do when you get what you want? Anna offers a suggestion.  

Sep 06 Work-Life Balance: Back to work   Nick provides a simple questionnaire to get you thinking after your well-earned break.  

Sep 06 Designing a New Religion   With reference to his new book, ‘H+ A New Religion’, Edward de Bono describes how he would go about creating a new religion – one based on practical design, rather than mysticism.  

Sep 06 Stepping Down   With news of changes at the top at Microsoft, Robert Heller asks, when is the right time to drop the pilot?  

Sep 06 Do Women Make Better Managers?   Daniel Pink’s thought-provoking book ‘A Whole New Mind’ encourages businesses to be more right-brained in their thinking. As women are generally regarded to be more right-brained than men, it should follow that as we move from, what Pink described, as the ‘Information Age’ into the ‘Conceptual Age’, women’s performance in business should improve relative to men. Johanna Krotz considers the question of whether women make better managers?  

Aug 06 Soundbite: Giving Feedback   Anna looks at the key leadership skill of giving feedback.  

Aug 06 Work-Life Balance: Balancing Our Motivations   Nick Woodeson considers the challenge of enjoying the ‘journey’ as well as the ‘destination’.  

Aug 06 Boxing Clever   Edward de Bono explains why sometimes thinking inside the box can be a good thing.  

Aug 06 Management and Psyche   Robert Heller explains why experts aren’t always all they’re cracked up to be.  

Aug 06 Breakthrough Thinking   At the limits of performance, the difference between winning and losing is not just about physical or mental strength, but about changing the rules and adopting a different strategy. Alistair Schofield considers the challenge of breakthrough thinking.  

Jul 06 Soundbite: What's Your Profile?   Anna discovers the value of personality profiling tools.  

Jul 06 Constant Creativity   Edward de Bono believes that, with the use of lateral thinking, creativity can and should be learned and developed as a formal skill in the human race.  

Jul 06 The Culture Of Business   Robert Heller suggests that business culture, properly defined and developed, is the basis for achieving outstanding success.  

Jul 06 Three Leadership Fundamentals   When Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones asked people in organisations which skills they would most like to develop, all provided the same answer: Help us to become more effective leaders.  

Jun 06 Soundbite: So what’s your purpose?   Anna suggests that to be satisfied, we all need a purpose that is greater than ourselves.  

Jun 06 Learning to Think   Edward de Bono argues that the human race has done little to advance the skill of thinking in the last 2,400 years.  

Jun 06 Double Cult Folly   Robert Heller, at his most acerbic, debunks the Cult of the Chief Executive and the Cult of Shareholder Value.  

Jun 06 Achieving Work Life Balance   Work Life balance is an issue that has gained increasing attention in recent years with numerous employee care surveys for major corporations revealing that increasing numbers of people are dissatisfied with their work-life balance.  

Jun 06 Britain For Sale – Is nothing sacred?   With so many businesses having been sold to overseas buyers, Alistair Schofield considers the question as to whether this is a good thing or not.  

May 06 Soundbite: Stagefright?   When giving presentations, Anna’s advice is to not to try to be a perfect speaker, but to be yourself.  

May 06 Value Appreciation   Edward de Bono says that the key to entrepreneurship is value sensitivity.  

May 06 Complicated Management   Robert Heller suggests that new, high-tech management tools must be used for old and non-technical situations.  

May 06 Do the employee’s feelings matter?   Following Patricia Hewitt’s assertion that the NHS has had its “best year ever”, Alistair Schofield considers why people in positions of authority make such faux pas.  

May 06 Do we have anyone capable of doing the job?   Should the next England Manager be English? Following the debacle surrounding the announcement that the FA’s preferred candidate for the England job was ‘Big Phil’ Scolari, Alistair Schofield considers the parallel decisions in business.  

Apr 06 Soundbite: Do you feel poorer every day?   Anna suggests placing a value on your business relationships to help you prioritise your time.  

Apr 06 The Insufficiency Of Intention   Edward de Bono explains why he believes that it is not enough just to have the intention to be creative when new ideas and new concepts are needed.  

Apr 06 Measuring Management   Robert Heller suggests that scandalous rewards are working against the performance of top managers.  

Apr 06 China’s Future, Your Strategy   The Asian Development Bank has forecast that China could be the world’s largest economy as soon as 2025. Given that this is less than 20 years away, what are the implications for British businesses and how should we be responding?  

Mar 06 Soundbite: So Where Is The Money Coming From?   Anna suggests placing a value on your business relationships to help you prioritise your time.  

Mar 06 Actions Speak Louder Than Words   Ben Simonton, the author of “Leading People to be Highly Motivated and Committed”, describes how leaders must be alive to the irrefutable law that actions speak louder than words.  

Mar 06 Founders Keepers   Robert Heller examines how far founders can take a business.  

Mar 06 Time For Thinking   Edward de Bono argues that we should spend time watching thinking in action and puts forward the concept of Thinking Clubs.  

Feb 06 Soundbite: February Blues   What happened to your New Year resolutions? Anna offers sound advice and encourages persistence.  

Feb 06 Interview – Ian Plover   Alistair Schofield speaks to a former HR and Business Change Director who specialises in assisting companies with large-scale change projects.  

Feb 06 Brandspirit   While many companies spend millions on brand advertising, only some succeed in establishing strong and lasting images. Marc Cox, a Director and co-founder of a company called "Brandspirit", considers what gives strong brands an on-going competitive edge?  

Feb 06 Drucker’s Legacy   Robert Heller says the late Peter Drucker’s ideas have influenced all managers, whether they know it or not.  

Feb 06 The Design of Entrepreneurship   Edward de Bono believes that entrepreneurship needs an effective design as well as new ideas.  

Dec 05 Leadership & time: Lessons from the Maasai   John Scherer describes a leadership lesson he learnt while helping build a school in a Maasai village in Kenya.  

Dec 05 The Entrepreneur   Robert Heller looks at the types of people who succeed as entrepreneurs.  

Dec 05 When Things Are Good Enough   Edward de Bono tackles the problem of improving on the excellent.  

Nov 05 Soundbite: Why does everything always take so looo   Anna Barez-Brown points out that persistence is a key ingredient in most people’s success.  

Nov 05 Interview – Graham Ryan   Alistair Schofield speaks to Graham Ryan, Chief Commercial Officer of NXT, one of Britain’s most innovative companies.  

Nov 05 Thinking INSIDE The Box To Balance Creativity And    We're frequently encouraged to "Think outside the box!" Experts assure us that unrestrained thinking will force our creative juices to flow, unleashing a flood of new ideas and inspirations. But take this advice too much to heart, and you may find yourself generating more ideas but less success.  

Nov 05 The Boom Rides Again   Robert Heller believes that new challenges await managers in the latest round of the frenzy.  

Nov 05 New Ideas Need Time   Edward de Bono suggests that, when assessing new business ideas, you should consider the length of time it takes for the benefits to show.  

Oct 05 Soundbite: Got that Monday morning feeling?   Anna Baréz-Brown considers the Monday morning blues and concludes that others feel just the same.  

Oct 05 How To Get A Head.   Martin Wood, Managing Director and founder of one of Britain’s most successful Interim Executive agencies, addresses the questions; what is Interim executive management? What do Interims do? When should organisations use them? And how do they differ from management consultants?  

Oct 05 Is HR Irrelevant?   David Jackson, the author and businessman, asks why, at a time when businesses claim that people are their most important asset, do so few HR Directors sit on the Board?  

Oct 05 The Challenge of Change   Robert Heller explains why new challenges in a high-tech world demand a lowtech revolution in management.  

Oct 05 Motivation for Creativity   Edward de Bono explains why everyone should make an effort to be creative, even though creativity is full of risks and uncertainties.  

Sep 05 Corporate Culture: Project Managers’ blind spot   After 17 years experience as a project manager, working in a wide range of organisations and industries, Dr Andrew Wright realised that corporate culture is rarely, if ever, discussed in a project context yet addressing it effectively is pivotal to success.  

Sep 05 Innovate to Survive   The relatively low costs of labour in the emerging economies, combined with the ever-increasing pace of change, makes continued innovation an imperative for western companies, writes Alistair Schofield.  

Sep 05 Marvelling at the Mavericks   Robert Heller suggests that all managers need to grasp the value of the 'maverick'.  

Sep 05 Frameworks and Thinking   Edward de Bono explains why intelligent people are not always better thinkers.  

Aug 05 What comes first, action or strategy?   The textbooks would have us believe that strategies are conceived at the top and cascaded downwards. But organisations don’t stop, activity is carrying on all the time that can affect and influence the strategy. Alistair Schofield therefore asks the question; what comes first, action or strategy?  

Aug 05 Interview – Ben Simonton   Alistair Schofield speaks to Ben Simonton, author of "Leading People to be Highly Motivated and Committed"  

Aug 05 Ideas – New & Improved   Edward de Bono says that you can never have too many new ideas, as long as they are good.  

Aug 05 The Joys of Teamwork   Robert Heller considers the meaning of the word "teamwork" and finds the dictionary definition somewhat lacking in clarity.  

Jul 05 Exploring the Future   Joel Barker, the first person to popularise the concept of paradigm shifts for the corporate world, argues that future thinking is a vital skill for organisations and organisation leaders.  

Jul 05 Listening, the Doorway to Employee Commitment   The skill of listening is every executive, manager and supervisor’s doorway to employee commitment. But to understand the true power of listening we must first understand “putting in our two cents”, a stimulant known to cause brainstorming.  

Jul 05 Four Teams   Edward de Bono explains how a rigid four-team creative structure can clarify thinking.  

Jul 05 Soft Management and Hard Management   Robert Heller looks at the rise of 'Soft Management'.  

Jun 05 Interview with Peter Jones   Alistair Schofield speaks to Extensor Associate Peter Jones, previously Argos Retail Group’s Operations Director, about his new venture in the recruitment industry.  

Jun 05 Offshore for a Better Future   With major organisations such as Prudential, Aviva, BT and the NHS “offshoring” thousands of jobs to India, Alistair Schofield considers whether this is a positive or negative trend.  

Jun 05 The Watchdog Bites   In a world in which the CEO is no longer the sole person responsible for the decisions of a business, Robert Heller as the question “Who is in charge?”  

Jun 05 New Words, New Thinking   Edward de Bono explains why the English language needs to be developed and makes a suggestion of his own.  

May 05 Good Advice   Robert Heller discovers that advice is one commodity that managers have in plenty but that being right is not simply about having others agree with you.  

May 05 Evaluation of Values   Edward de Bono, the creator of the Six Thinking Hats concept, describes a new framework for focusing on values - Six Value Medals.  

May 05 Is Democracy Such A Good Idea?   In the run up to the general election, Alistair Schofield asks whether our country would be better run along the lines of a company.  

May 05 Visit to Romania   Phil Rolfe, a Director of the children’s charity Spurgeon’s, describes his trip to Romania and the impact that the country’s accession to the EU in 2007 is already having on their work.  

Apr 05 The Interactive Workforce   The interactivity that modern technology provides means that the process of decision making, that was once the preserve of management, is now something that can take place at all levels in the organisation. By Alistair Schofield.  

Apr 05 Working for Nothing – Corporate lessons from non-p   It is estimated that roughly £40bn of GDP is attributable to voluntary work, with nearly half the population devoting some time to a variety of good causes each year. Dr Patrick Dixon considers what lessons businesses can learn from this growing phenomenon.  

Apr 05 Innovation   Edward de Bono of implores business to create a climate in which there is a willingness to try new things and explore new possibilities.  

Apr 05 Decline   Robert Heller considers whether it is inevitable that organisations that have grown, succeeded and reaped the rewards of corporate success should then enter periods of stagnation, decline or even disappear completely?  

Mar 05 Management and Leadership – What’s the difference?   Having frequently been asked what the difference is between management and Leadership, Gill McKay decided to put pen to paper.  

Mar 05 Intervew – Trevor Dann   Trevor Dann, the BAFTA award winning producer of Live Aid speaks to Alistair Schofield about his distinguished career in radio and television.  

Mar 05 Corporate Social Responsibility - The Next Frontie   Environmental legislation, changes in taxation and customer/client demands have required most organisations to consider the environment in the way they do business. Now, just as businesses are getting to grips with how to respond to these challenges, a new doctrine is beginning to take hold – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  

Mar 05 Good and Bad Management   Robert Heller considers how to judge success in management.  

Mar 05 A Different Focus   Edward de Bono looks at the rewards of finding new ideas where there are no known problems.  

Feb05 The importance of being effective   Robert Heller explains why effectiveness is foremost among the attributes that all managers should strive to develop.  

Feb05 The purpose driven organisation   The desire to give back something to help those less fortunate than us has always been a driving force for humanity. This drive remains true in our business lives where there are many examples of organisations defining a higher purpose for their activities above the traditional accumulation of profit. David Smith, Chief Executive of The Global Future Forum, argues that this may be of competitive significance in the very near future.  

Dec 04 Interview – Father Christmas   In a surprisingly candid interview, Father Christmas speaks exclusively to Alistair Schofield about his background, the pressures of the job and reindeer.  

Dec 04 Fat man versus thin man   Edward de Bono considers the difference between analysis and design.  

Dec 04 Sad lessons from Shell   Robert Heller of lifts the kimono on Royal Dutch-Shell’s “radical modernisation”.  

Nov 04 Interview – Robert Levering   Alistair Schofield speaks to Robert Levering, the author of seven books on workplace issues and co-founder of the Great Place to Work® Institute.  

Nov 04 Economic Review – November 2004   David Kern, formerly NatWest's Chief Economist, argues that global economic growth has slowed markedly in recent months, that the business environment has become distinctly more difficult and a further slowdown in the pace of growth is highly likely.  

Nov 04 Absenteeism - problem or symptom?   Alistair Schofield argues that while tackling absenteeism by direct action may alleviate the problem in the short-term, addressing the causes of the problem will provide long-term benefits.  

Oct 04 Interview - Bob Mason   Alistair Schofield speaks to Bob Mason who, through roles in BT, London Underground and the NHS, has become one of the UK's most senior and experienced HR Directors.  

Oct 04 Recruitment errors cost Britain £12b   Alistair Schofield looks at the costs of recruitment errors and at making the process of filling vacancies more effective.  

Oct 04 Danger! - New ideas approaching   At the time of year when many of us are producing our plans for 2005, David Smith, Chief Executive of The Global Future Forum, challenges us to consider whether we have really considered the future, or whether our plans are simply and extension of the past.  

Sep 04 Interview - David Smith   Gill McKay speaks to David Smith, Chief Executive of The Global Futures Forum.  

Sep 04 Pulse - The report of The Global Future Forum   The report is based on the assessment by an international body of experts, business commentators and professional of a variety of future scenarios famed in the near future (2008). It is designed to build a consensus of opinion as to how various trends might impact future conditions and practices within economic and industry sectors.  

Sep 04 Has project become a dirty word?   With the press full of stories of project failure, you could be forgiven for thinking that “project” is a dirty word in many organisations. However, Tony Teague argues that success is not difficult to achieve if we learn the lessons of the past and apply a few basic rules to all new projects.  

Sep 04 Does training work?   Much training investment is wasted on activities unrelated to business need. Gauging effectiveness may be difficult – but that is no excuse for ducking the challenge, says Susanna Mitterer  

Aug 04 Rightsizing bizspeak proactively   A light-hearted look at the damage business jargon can do to the clarity of communication along with an invitation to play "Business Buzzword Bingo!".  

Aug 04 Interview - Nick Hewson   Alistair Schofield interviews Nick Hewson, CEO and founder of the Hewson Group.  

Aug 04 Economic Review - August 2004   David Kern, formerly NatWest Chief Economist argues that Britain's short-term economic prospects are unusually positive, but careful strategic planning is needed to exploit opportunities and cope with risks & pitfalls.  

Jul 04 The director's new profession   Professor Bob Garratt argues that in the post-Enron era the debate has now moved on from 'Board Conformance' to 'Board Performance'.  

Jul 04 Networking for success   Alistair Schofield argues that networking ought to be built into all leadership development programmes and Rowan Gormley describes the importance of external points of reference to Virgin Wines.  

Jul 04 Is Regulatory Enforcement of operational issues th   In May 2004 the DTI announced a short consultation period on the shape and substance of an Operational and Financial Review (OFR), which will enter company law early in 2005 and which will require UK listed companies to provide information that is way beyond the scope of anything they have provided before. By David Harvey and Nick Hewson.  

Jul 04 Interview - Rowen Gormley   Philip Whiteley speaks to Rowan Gormley, Chief Executive of Virgin Wines about the Virgin approach to entrepreneurship and risk management.