Extensor works with a limited number of coaching clients at any one time on short-term, objective-based assignments. Our coaches are all highly experienced people drawn from our network of Associates.

Working within the Extensor framework, our coaches seek to develop the skills, abilities and performance of individuals in a focused way by linking their individual development plans to the goals of the organisation.

Typical objectives of our coaching services are as follows:

  • To improve an individuals performance
  • To assist people in making the behavioural transition necessary when moving to new or different levels of responsibility
  • To assist individuals in becoming "Change Agents" within the business and support them in shouldering the associated burden of responsibility
  • To ensure that the strengths and skills of key players are fully aligned with the organisations goals and objectives
  • To assist key personnel in remaining effective as leaders during periods of change, transition or uncertainty

All clients of our coaching programmes are given access to our unique Knowledge Sharing Network as a means of complementing the work of the coach and to give them access to a much wider source of knowledge and experience to assist them in translating theory into practice.

For more information on our coaching services or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact Extensor on:
Tel: +44 (0)7831 246885       E-mail: