Knowledge Sharing Network

While it is true to say that there is no substitute for experience, listening to other people's experience comes a close second, which is why your personal network of friends, colleagues and contacts is so important. However, our networks are rarely as broad and as diverse as we would like them to be which is why Extensor's Knowledge Sharing Network was created.

Its purpose is to provide Members with access to each other as well as to our Associates, a network of high-level contacts from a variety of backgrounds, all of whom are acknowledged experts in their field and able to speak from personal experience on a wide variety of subjects. For example, they include the Managing Director of an aerospace company, a Professor of Corporate Governance, the founding Editor of Management Today magazine, the Chief Executive of an on-line wine retailer, a previous Group Chief Executive of Eurostar, an expert in sustainable development, and so on.

The following are examples of the ways in which Members typically use Associates:


  • To provide points of reference outside your own industry or line of business
  • To discuss with them the way in which they tackled a particular challenge - what went well, what went badly and what they would do differently if they were doing it again
  • To look for best practice in other industry sectors
  • To assist in translating classroom theory into workplace practice
  • To act as a "sounding board" for new ideas or initiatives
  • To challenge the conventions of your own business sector
  • As a means of broadening your own network of contacts

Typically, contact with an Associate is established through the Message Board on the Extensor web site and is then followed by a telephone conversation or e-mail and a one-to-one meeting.

As a Member, you are encouraged to get involved and assist other Members in areas where you feel your knowledge or experience may be of assistance. Indeed, in some cases it may be that you are facing a similar challenge and so there is an opportunity to "compare notes" with someone else. In this way the network provides members with an excellent action learning opportunity

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