Extensor developed the concept of Mentored Learning Programmes specifically to meet the needs of senior people who do not have the time to attend lengthy generic courses and for whom the specialist services of either coaches or mentors also does not really meet their personal development needs.

The objective of the programme is therefore to provide a hybrid service that is tailored to the specific needs of each individual by combining the advantages of one-to-one meetings with a tailored approach to development.

In all cases, we will only undertake a Mentored Learning Programme assignment if we are able to pair the client with an individual who has extensive experience in their specific line of work. For example, in past assignments we have provided a newly promoted Sales Director with the support of a person with board-level experience of working in the same role in large UK organisations across several lines of business. In another we provided an HR Director with support from a person who has also worked as an HRD in organisations such as BT, Transport for London, Wolseley etc.

The resultant programmes developed as part of this process therefore include aspects of coaching, mentoring and training. In most cases the training element is by self-study followed by discussion during the one-to-one meetings.

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