Knowledge Sharing Software

In an attempt to better manage the massive amounts of data that computers have accumulated over the last 20 years or so, a number of software suppliers are offering "Knowledge Management" or "Enterprise Content Management" systems as a means of separating the wheat from the chaff.

However, while computers are excellent at managing data, they are not so good at managing knowledge.

Knowledge differs from data in that it is created in individual minds, drawing on personal experience and by separating the significant from the irrelevant. For example, a computer could inform you what you should do when selling a product, disciplining a member of staff, creating a marketing campaign, writing a presentation etc. But it will be far less good at suggesting how you should go about it in a given situation. For the 'how' it is best to speak to someone with personal experience.

Extensor's Knowledge Sharing Software solves this problem by providing a system that puts the right people in touch with one another.

It is low-cost, easy to use and easy to implement.

The system is browser-based, password protected and can therefore be accessed from any PC connected to the Internet.

Enquiries are submitted via a Message Board with each enquiry being limited in size as, at this stage, the objective is only to put the enquirer in touch with someone who can assist them, not the give a full description of the issue.

A copy of each enquiry is then e-mailed to the relevant people. There are a number of options as to how this can operate.

One option is to broadcast an e-mail to everyone immediately an enquiry is submitted while another is to collect enquiries together and send them once a day. Another option preferred by some organisations is to only send enquiries to people who have registered an interest in that particular subject area.

The benefit of the short enquiry format is that once the e-mail has been opened, the reader can very quickly scan the submitted enquiries and respond if they are able to help of delete the e-mail if not.

  The Extensor Message Board

Any person responding does so by posting their comments on the Message Board. This enables them to see other responses so that they can quickly see whether someone else has already volunteered the type of assistance they are able to provide. In this way the respondent avoids wasting their time and the enquirer is protected from being inundated by a multitude of similar responses.

The contact details of all registered users are stored on the system so that the enquirer can then easily get in touch with the people responding to them.

To encourage people to share best practice internally and maintain a high quality of input, an optional feedback process is provided that enables the system to work in conjunction with an internal rewards or recognition programme.

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