Profiting through People

Extensor is one of the UK's leading companies in the design and delivery of behavioural skills programmes in areas such as leadership, change and team performance.

Our commitment is that all programmes should deliver a positive return on investment and should pay for themselves at least 10-times over within a year!

We can make this commitment because all of our programmes focus on the role delegates can play in delivering the programme goals - be it to improve income, drive down costs or improve organisational effectiveness.

Guaranteed results

Learning and development is a means to an end - it is not the end in itself. Therefore, we fully understand that when organisations pay for our services, it is the results that matter. For this reason offer all our clients a money back guarantee based on achieving the agreed objectives. We believe all training companies should do this because it:

Emphasises the fact that it is the results that matter

Guarantees alignment between your objectives and ours

Ensures that everyone is clear about what results are being targeted