Get passion into your business


Vision, mission, passion – are these real elements of successful business or just warm, fluffy concepts? Well not only are they real – they are essential!

In interviews for my book “Are you a Badger or a Doormat? How to be a leader who gets results”, I asked 20 very successful leaders what principles they use to guide them as leaders. Some people might be surprised to learn that “vision”, “passion” and “ambition” were talked about as essential starting points for leaders in organisations ranging across data management firms, energy companies, lawyers, retailers and manufacturers.

The key messages from these leaders are:
• get crystal clear about your purpose and where you are going
• develop a high level of internal conviction and passion for the goal
• create a simple, clear description of a future where that ambition is being fulfilled in a positive and exciting way for people

Investing your time to get that clarity of vision and message brings huge benefits. Firstly your decision making is faster and more effective – and good decision-making is essential for good performance. Linked to this, clarity allows you to prioritise your own and others’ time and energy well so you focus on the things that really matter.

Secondly, clarity of vision and message enables you to communicate in ways that connect and align others with your purpose. You communicate confidence and certainty of purpose, making you more attractive to work with and for.

Thirdly, delegation is more successful as people understand the outcome they are delivering.

Lastly, but by no means least, when you have clear purpose and passion to achieve it, you increase your courage and resilience in the face of setbacks.

Successful leaders take time to build a high level of internal commitment and passion not just in themselves but in those around them. They understand the power such certainty brings when they say “It is possible and we are going to do it”. When you are this clear, your passion shines through.

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