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Edward de Bono of designs a new religion that relies on practical design, rather than mysticism.

Designing A New Religion

When analysing a situation, we pick out standard elements. By doing this we gain an understanding of the situation and decide what action to take.

Although it might be practised by individuals, Western culture lacks design in its thinking. The areas of architecture, graphics and fashion all feature design, but it is not part of general education. This is a major flaw.
I design a new religion in my latest book, ‘H+ A New Religion?’  I do not propose a new god-system or other-world structure; it is more a religion in the way that Buddhism is a religion.

I call the religion H+ and it can be used in conjunction with any existing religion or belief system, such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Taoism, etc.

There are many religions that concentrate on ‘sins’ and the prohibition of certain behaviours. But in the modern world that is increasingly the job of the law as well as existing religious systems.
So H+ concentrates on ‘positive action’. Therefore, there aren't ‘sins’ - instead there are ‘pons’ (derived from ‘positive sins’). These are small acts that have the intention of helping others or helping the world.

Everyone has a small number of pons that they should carry out each day.

H+ stands for Humour, Happiness, Health, Help, Hope and Human.

Humour is something that is neglected by all current religions. But humour is a key aspect of life which allows us to switch perceptions and see things in a different way.

Historically, new religions are revealed to chosen people in a mystical process. This is quite different to design.

The parameters for the design of a new religion could be: simple to understand; simple to operate; satisfying; leading to increased self-esteem; leading to achievement; helpful to the world; helpful to other people; easy to spread.

It is all very well sitting in a corner with the right attitudes and not committing sins. But it might not get you to heaven and, in itself, it doesn't help the world a great deal.
More focus should be placed on action.

H+ A New Religion? is published by Vermilion Press in London and can be found at, price £5.24p.

About the author
Edward de Bono is the world's leading authority in the field of creative thinking and the teaching of thinking as a skill.