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Edward de Bono of describes a new organization he has established to challenge conventional thinking and promote new ideas.

A Need for New Thinking

A World Council for New Thinking has been started to act as an independent source of new ideas.

It is an independent body and has its own voice, instead of being merely a think-tank or advisory body. That way, ideas can be put forward without being subject to politics or censorship.

Six Nobel Prize-winners have already been enlisted for the venture. Also, presidents of universities and editors of major newspapers are automatically eligible to join.

In addition to the council, there is a League of New Thinkers, which is open to everyone. Anyone can come up with new ideas and put them forward. If these ideas stand up well enough, they might receive an invitation to join the council itself. Further details can be found at
There is a need for new ideas internationally but also on a national basis, so there can be National Councils for New Thinking in various countries to meet this need.

One such council in Serbia has been set up with the co-operation of Dragan Sakan and the New Moment organisation.

Not only can National Councils be a powerful platform for new ideas but they can also provide training in the skills of lateral thinking and conduct opinion polls to test public response to new ideas.

The role of the councils will be to give thought to new ideas, producing them and making them visible rather than having power to enforce or implement the new ideas. The new idea can enter the public domain and then register as an alternative.

When these ideas become visible they could be copied, borrowed or used directly. They can be modified and put to use. The concepts and values behind new thought and ideas might influence thinking on an issue even if the idea itself is not used.

Perhaps the idea might appeal to the public so much that they pressurise politicians to adopt it. In turn, opposition parties could pressurise the government of the time to use the idea.

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Edward de Bono is the world's leading authority in the field of creative thinking and the teaching of thinking as a skill.