Get out of your comfort zone!

I know, it's getting cold and close to Christmas and it is normal and natural for human beings to drift towards comfort.  Most people return over and over again to what is familiar or routine, easily falling into comfortable habits that over time create a sense of complacency and boredom - essentially very little growth of one's self, better known as entropy or decay.

Comfort zones may be comfortable but, by definition, they don’t take you anywhere new.  They keep you at the same level of achievement and prevent you from achieving the things you are up for in life and stop you going in the direction of what you desire and the impact you want to have.

Let me give you some examples of comfortable habits:

  • Doing it all yourself
  • Work late, often
  • Staying with what is familiar
  • Obsess or worry
  • Being the "boss"
  • Order or tell rather than coach (in business and at home)
  • Procrastinate
  • Complain (about others)
  • Only doing the fun stuff
  • Too many cigarettes or alcohol
  • Undisciplined at e-mail
  • Me first
  • Don't ask for help
  • Avoid hurting feelings
  • Avoid the challenging customer
  • Avoid performance reviews

Tick the ones you recognise and turn 3 of them around. This will stretch you, improve your results and, funnily enough, you will feel excitement about yourself rather than "same old me".  It's so easy!!!

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