Focus on what really matters

Do you remember those time management courses during the 1980’s, the ones where you got a small leatherette binder that was divided into sections to help you prioritise?  Then came the Filofax and after that the Psion Organiser. 

I had them all – not because I wanted to get better organised, but because they were the cool and because everyone else had one.
Like most people I didn’t really use mine properly, and I certainly wasn’t any more efficient as a result of owning them.  But perhaps they weren’t what I needed anyway.

What they were all good at is helping people be more efficient at remembering and prioritising tasks.  This is important, but it is no where near as important as being effective at achieving objectives.

Objectives are bigger than tasks and much more important.  For example, an objective might be to lead my team to be recognised for delivering the best customer service, whereas a task might be to reply to a customer’s letter.

The reason I don’t like most time management tools is that tend to focus on tasks, running the risk that you will loose sight of the objective.  Whereas, if you focus on the objectives, the tasks will tend to prioritise themselves.

More importantly, by keeping your focus on the objectives means you are more likely to achieve them!


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