Let’s go explore!

The world is changing. You have probably noticed.

Two stages humans tend to go through during change are Resistance and Exploration.  To be in Resistance we have stopped denying the change is happening - but we have not accepted that it is. We are focused on the past and on what might have been. We tell ourselves and others that things should be different, this should not be happening, how much we have lost and how our expectations have been let down.

Contrast this with the next change stage: Exploration. This is when we first look forward to the future. We start asking what might be, what could we do differently now, what are the possibilities in the new world. Exploration is not necessarily acceptance – but it is an important staging post on the way to accepting the change and operating from that mindset.

Moving from Resistance to Exploration means letting go. Letting go of our anger or our dreams or expectations and our mental model of how it should be. That can be the hardest part of change. We cannot avoid some grief at our loss. 

But staying in Resistance can create huge additional costs. At best it affects your  happiness on a daily basis and your ability to take sensible steps to re-build. At worst it gets stored in your body in the form of pain or future illness. Moving on from Resistance may mean acknowledging our loss but has many short and long-term benefits.

Last week I met a business friend who told me “I refuse to come through this recession by simply cutting costs, getting smaller and sitting it out. Instead we are looking at several ways we can diversify the business while still using our core skills. It means letting go some long held views about “that’s not what we do”-  but it’s far more exciting and could mean we come out stronger.”

How do you start exploring? Well – start by truly acknowledging openly what was good about what you had or expected and what is still true today. That may be the skills and abilities we have, the network of friends and goodwill or the energy and commitment we can put into things. Writing it down or talking it through with a good listener works best. Listening to acknowledge others is very valuable and can help you too.

Then change position: look-up or stand-up. Start to focus on what is now needed in the world.  What do your customers need now? What might be so compelling a proposal they will listen to you? What have you always ignored or not had time for that might open new ways of thinking?  Enjoy your own creativity and engage with others.  Do other people also need help and confidence to explore new ways of doing their business? Sure it may not all come to fruition – but it will be the seeds of a brighter future - faster.

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