Got that Monday morning feeling?

Why is it that one never sleeps well from Sunday to Monday? Even if you try to go to bed at 10 pm in order to be “fresh and alert” in the Monday morning meeting, you toss around in bed until 1 am….

The problem is that it’s not just you who are feeling like this, your whole team is feeling the same, every one of them. The last thing these guys want to do now is to have a team meeting, yet this is what you have in your diary, 9.30 am “Team meeting”, for all the right reasons: get focus, celebrate achievements from last week, discuss tasks for this week and give mutual support. Great things to do if you did not feel so tired.

One idea is to ask everyone to share the best thing that happened to them during the weekend, 2 minutes each. This will lift the energy in the room, you will all have a laugh, learn new things about your colleagues (I bet you never knew that S. likes …) and it shows that you, the boss, are human after all!