What happens when you win?

Most of us are longing for something: a new job, a new car, a promotion, more clients.  We work hard and expend vast amounts of emotional energy trying to make our dream become a reality.

For much of the time nothing seems to be happening, we despair, we nearly give up, but we fight through all the lows, persist and keep going.  And it finally happens!  The promotion is approved, we win the deal, the marketing campaign results in 10 new clients at once and now - panic!

We forget to celebrate, to pat ourselves on the back, to reward ourselves with the luxury we promised ourselves if we were successful.  Instead we start to get stressed by all the new things we now have to do as a result of our success – people to brief, clients to see, new deadlines to be met.  If anything, we’re starting to get stressed by it.

Now that we’ve got what we wanted, we forget how much we were longing for it to happen, we take it for granted and move on to the next goal.   

Well, my advice is don't!

Take the time to celebrate.  Reward yourself and enjoy the moment of success.  Think about the lows you had and what an amazing person you are!  You've done it because you are good and other people see that in you!  You are a winner and you deserve to be championed!

Celebrating may seem frivolous, but it is an important part of the process.  The reason you were successful was because you made an emotional commitment to succeed at the outset.  Celebrating is the emotional conclusion.  Without celebration you will not achieve closure and the next challenge will seem more difficult.

So pop the corks and have a party – you deserve it!


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