So where is the money coming from?

Money can be an elusive beast and so, in order to make money, we need to focus on it and target it. Write a list of all the people that could bring you business and next to each of them write a £ sign. Fill in the figures. How much are they worth this year? Keep your list somewhere that you can see it on a daily basis. 

You'll find that those £ signs are a great incentive to doing what you have to do. The next step is to let your clients know. The more people who know about you the more chance you have of getting that money. Research their company, then call them, and make them aware that you want to do business. Be brave and make one important call a day. This will mean that you are targeting at least 20 people a month or, if you are really going for it, make it 30. 

You can use that list as a reward system: just like getting gold stars when you were a child for good work, putting a tick against each targeted client when they've given you the business is so satisfying! It's also a good way of monitoring how effective you are. And mention your work to friends and acquaintances at the weekends. Word of mouth is an effective way of letting the world know that you have a product or service to sell.

Don't be shy. Beat your own drum and enjoy it. It works!