Why does everything always take so loooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnng?

You have great ideas and you want to implement them. You write about them, present them to the right people, they like your idea and then the "drag effect" starts. Suddenly the project becomes very difficult. The enrolment of all parties, the decision making process, it just kills every little sparkle of enthusiasm in yourself and your team. How can you keep it alive? Well, maybe it helps to know that it took Dustin Hoffmann 10 more years to get famous AFTER he did The Graduate...

What you really need to know is persistence. The biographies of most successful people show that, above all, persistence pays. Don't waste energy on feeling sorry for yourself. Self-pity depletes your energy, your self-confidence and only makes things worse. Instead write a list of things that you can do to get further along the road to your target. Call another client, go to another meeting or make another cold call. And remember that "They will get it eventually!" but it will take time and you cannot give up.

Persistence is key. Persistence is the courage of your convictions. Persistence is both your armour and your shield. So show the world and yourself that you are persistent. Eventually persistence will translate into success and well-deserved respect from your friends, foes and colleagues.

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