Balancing Our Motivations

In addition to taking care to manage our time, achieving an ideal work life balance involves balancing our longer-term aspirations with the enjoyment of our lives as we live them each day – both in and out of work.

Working exclusively for long-term results without day to day satisfactions may be a sign of great self discipline, but it can also be soul destroying and eventually very de-motivating.  Conversely living from day to day without a focus on longer-term objectives can lead to a lack of fulfilment.  Clearly a balance is needed.

Self-motivation is something that doesn’t happen automatically – it has to be worked for and maintained.  It’s our motivation ultimately that gives us the energy to do what we do.

The balance we need is between achievement and enjoyment or, put another way, to enjoy the journey as well as the destination. This is as true for those we lead and manage as it is for us.

For many this can mean the need to strive for more self-achievement in their personal life and to have more fun at work.

The key to achieving this balance is to be able to link your vision of the future to your daily routine.  Ask yourself: “What can I do today that I will enjoy doing and that will help me achieve my long-term goal?”  If you can answer this question you will have found the balance between achievement and enjoyment.


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