Do a little of what you love to do

When you do something you really love to do, you’re able to loose yourself in it. Time passes without a thought. You become refreshed by inspiration and your enjoyment and passion bring energy, verve and stamina.

When you are able to completely immerse yourself in something, stresses and pressures recede. By so doing you build resilience as well. You feel more able and capable of dealing with everything you have to face.

It’s a simple truth, but all the time-management strategies you ever hear are no substitute for the energy and invigoration that can come from being inspired.  Long-term plans and goals are important, but it’s not the target that gets you there - it’s the daily motivation you have en-route.

I’ve met people who have no work-life balance issue at all. Of course they have things to juggle, priorities to deal with and so on, – but their sense of vitality and mission and the love of what they do carries them through. As a result they often have above average stamina as well.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a career or private pursuit that drives you in this way. In some ways it’s an advantage to have a driving interest outside your professional life, for it gives you somewhere to escape to. Interestingly the etymology of the word “Amateur” means “For the love of it”.

Ask yourself how much of your time and energy is devoted to things you have to do rather than things you want and love to do? If more that 50% of your time is in the “have to do” category, then its time to devote some additional time and attention to things that truly inspire and uplift you.


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